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Easily generate amazing looking, pixel-accurate pixelmaps for your next project using HappyMaps.

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Pixelmaps are like a Business Card

At HappyMaps, we recognize the value of your time. Generating pixelmaps is a necessity in our industry. Though often viewed as just another item on the checklist, it's far more pivotal than it seems.

Much like a business card, a pixelmap is easily overlooked yet crucial for making that first impression. It's not merely a routine task—it's an essential representation of your company and expertise. A well-crafted pixelmap subtly influences how your company is perceived, quietly setting expectations.

When you distribute a pixelmap, you're essentially sending out a piece of your company. It serves as a visual introduction, setting the tone and preluding what's to come. It's the initial engagement that can sway perceptions and expectations.

That's why at HappyMaps, we've designed our tool to not only expedite the creation process but also to enhance the quality of each output. With HappyMaps, every pixelmap you send not only conveys information but also professionalism and attention to detail.

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Higher Accuracy

No Gaps, no Overlaps

Utilizing HappyMaps' auto positioning of objects you can rest easy as objects are automatically repositioned, beautifully colored and uniquely named.

Feel like an Artist.
No need to find your creative side. HappyMaps does the work for you using carefully selected colors.
Become a Wizard
HappyMaps aligns all objects to the canvas in the most efficient way so you can feel like a wizard.
Relentless Performance
No need for crappy, unsigned executables. Just use HappyMaps in the browser you're using right now!
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“Here I am, reviewing my own product. Such weird, I know. I, however, would highly recommend HappyMaps! Not only because I built it, but because of the reasons I built it. It scratches my own itch basically.”

Wouter Dijkstra
LED Technician & Dev @ HappyMaps

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A lot of core features are free to use for everyone. No ads, no tricks and a simple upgrade path if you decide you need more power.

Fast & Efficient

Explore the Powerful Features of HappyMaps

HappyMaps is built with love for individuals and companies alike who want to provide beautiful pixelmaps for their led screens, projects and events.

Click to Add & Copy

Easily Add and Copy objects on the canvas of your projects. Of course you can individually adjust objects' settings.

Auto Position Objects

Auto-positioning reduces user errors and accelerates pixelmap creation, ensuring quick and accurate pixelmaps for your event.

100% In Browser

offers instant, universal access to pixelmap generation right here, in the browser of your choice. You'll always enjoy the latest and greatest version automatically.

Beautiful Pixelmaps

The default colors we utilize for the objects on your canvas are carefully chosen to always deliver on the promise of beautiful pixelmaps.

Advanced Features

Advanced functionality is available for our members. Our members streamline their processes and customize their output even further.

Panel Library

Our panel library offers industry standard panels out of the gate so you don't need to enter anything manually when generating your HappyMaps.

HappyMaps Premium

Become a Lifetime HappyMember

We don't want to be another service on your company's long list of useful subcriptions. Instead, HappyMaps offers a lifetime membership, just for you.



Includes all basic features you need to quickly generate beautiful pixelmaps.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Default Canvas Sizes
  • Custom Panel Sizes
  • All Object Overlays
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Email support
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46% discount

79,-* 149,-

All HappyMembers enjoy the following functionalities and all future HappyMaps features.

  • Auto Positioning of Objects
  • Removing Individual Tiles
  • Removing- and Custom Logos
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* Price will increase as features are being added.

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